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Name Date File Size Category  
A message to the children 27/04/2020383 KB Whole School Download
Message to FWPS children 27/04/2020383 KB Whole School Download
School Admission Appeal Guide 09/04/2020408 KB Whole School Download
Butterfly addition 30/03/20201 MB Reception Download
Gruffalo sequencing sheet 30/03/20201 MB Reception Download
Add the missing features to the Gruffalo 30/03/2020108 KB Reception Download
Week 2 Home Learning Letter 30/03/202096 KB Reception Download
FWPS 17.3.20 18/03/2020581 KB Whole School Download
FWPS 18.3.20 18/03/2020546 KB Whole School Download
FWPS 16.3.20 18/03/20201 MB Whole School Download
SEND Policy 2020-21 13/03/20203 MB Reception Download
Disability Equality Scheme 2020 13/03/20201 MB Reception Download
Clubs Timetable Spring 2020 08/01/2020406 KB Whole School Download
Forge Wood Safeguarding Policy 19/11/20191 MB Whole School Download
Tag Rugby Festival 3 October 2019 02/10/2019621 KB Year 3 Download
Yr 2 SATS meeting 25/03/2019145 KB Year 2 Download
Year 1 Spring Play Invite 18/03/2019145 KB Year 1 Download
Reception Assembly Invite 15/03/2019145 KB Reception Download
Otter Class Assembly Invite 04/03/2019145 KB Year 2 Download
Leadership update 26/02/2019525 KB Whole School Download
Science Fair 26/02/2019686 KB Whole School Download
World Book Day 2019 15/02/2019574 KB Whole School Download
Reception Family Learning Session Invite 04/02/2019146 KB Reception Download
Home start coffee morning 31/01/2019499 KB Whole School Download
E-Safety Workshop Invite 31/01/2019145 KB Whole School Download
Hare Class Premier League Programme 18/01/2019615 KB Year 1 Download
FoFW Movie Night 18/01/201947 KB Whole School Download
KS1 Song Performance Invite 06/12/2018145 KB Year 1 and 2 Download
Real Maths Project 05/12/2018409 KB Whole School Download
Reception Nativity Invite 29/11/2018145 KB Reception Download
Yr 2 Parents Evening Invite 29/11/2018145 KB Year 2 Download
Year 1 Parents Evening Invite 29/11/2018145 KB Year 1 Download
Reception Parents Evening Invite 29/11/2018145 KB Reception Download
Receptions Bedtime Story 22/11/2018349 KB Reception Download
Otter class books 16/11/2018357 KB Year 2 Download
KS Maths Workshop Invite 15/11/2018145 KB Year 1 and 2 Download
Dr Bike's Free Cycle Safety Check 14/11/2018407 KB Whole School Download
Energy Kidz Out of School Club 08/11/2018527 KB Whole School Download
Eexat Parent Presentation Yr R 02/11/20182 MB Reception Download
Eexat Letter Yr R 02/11/2018353 KB Reception Download
School Uniform 17/10/2018523 KB Whole School Download
Update- School funding campaign 12/10/2018859 KB Whole School Download
Hare class assembly Invite Yr 1 09/10/2018145 KB Year 1 Download
Sports Week 2018 04/10/2018384 KB Whole School Download
Early Years & KS1 English Workshops 28/09/2018278 KB Whole School Download
Worth Less Campaign 26/09/2018908 KB Whole School Download
Reception Parents Evening invite 20/09/2018145 KB Reception Download
otter class assembly 18/09/2018145 KB Year 2 Download
Year 1 and 2 Information Evening 11/09/2018145 KB Year 1 and 2 Download
Yr R Stagecoach Presentation Invite 12/07/2018145 KB Reception Download
End of Yr Celebration 06/07/2018145 KB Whole School Download
Forge Wood - Tesco Initiative 02/07/2018897 KB Whole School Download
Transition Arrangements for Hare Class 28/06/2018450 KB Year 1 Download
Transition Arrangements for Woodpecker Class 28/06/2018439 KB Reception Download
Transition Arrangements for Kingfisher Class 28/06/2018442 KB Reception Download
Yr One Stagecoach invite 26/06/2018145 KB Year 1 Download
Sports Day 2018 25/06/20181 MB Whole School Download
Healthy Eating Week Diary 08/06/20182 MB Whole School Download
Bling Your Bike 08/06/2018630 KB Whole School Download
Yr R Half Term Home Learning 24/05/2018509 KB Reception Download
Phonics Check 24/05/20181 MB Year 1 Download
Photograph, Video Update 15/05/20181 MB Whole School Download
Home School Communication Update 15/05/2018731 KB Whole School Download
NSPCC warning over 'Fortnite' Game 08/05/2018181 KB Whole School Download
Bike It Breakfast 30/04/2018375 KB Whole School Download
Sun cream reminder 18/04/2018345 KB Whole School Download
Sun cream consent 18/04/2018483 KB Reception Download
Design a Bag Competition Template 28/03/20183 MB Whole School Download
Design a Bag Competition Letter 28/03/2018391 KB Whole School Download
FoFW Easter Fair 08/03/2018108 KB FoFW Download
FoFW School Disco 08/03/201873 KB FoFW Download
Yr 1 Spring Play Invite 05/03/2018443 KB Year 1 Download
Sport Relief at Forge Wood 01/03/2018219 KB Whole School Download
Attendance Leaflet 28/02/2018530 KB Whole School Download
Yr 1 Maths Workshop Invite 23/02/2018413 KB Year 1 Download
Parent's Guide for Online Booking System 23/02/2018306 KB Whole School Download
Yr R Parent Maths Workshop Invite 23/02/2018578 KB Reception Download
Y R Reading Books 21/02/2018452 KB Reception Download
Unexplained Absences 07/02/2018620 KB Whole School Download
Holiday Request Form 08/01/2018352 KB Whole School Download
Snow Notice 11/12/2017528 KB Whole School Download
Transition Meeting- Overview of Yr1 25/09/2017240 KB Reception Download