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Hare Class and the Great Fire of London

What an exciting half-term we have had in Hare class.  We have loved finding out lots of facts about famous buildings in London and building our own replica city.  Over the next two weeks we are looking at a famous event that took place over 350 years ago, the Great Fire of London.  We have created our own role play bakers, making special oatmeal playdough independently and experimented with guttering to see how quickly we could put out the ‘fire’.

"Something went a little wrong in the bakery. The baker forgot to turn off the oven and then when he went to bed the oven burst into flames."

"There’s a fire in pudding lane in a bakery. He accidently burnt the bread because he forgot to turn the oven off. The wind blow it to the other lanes and burnt the houses."

"Samuel pepys wrote a diary about the flames he could see outside. He thought his house would set on fire but it didn’t because the wind stopped."

"The fire spread from house to house. The houses burnt to the ground."