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Otter class

What an exciting first half term we have had in Otter Class.  We celebrated our Bounce topic taking part in a range of sports and developing our balls skills in tennis, basketball, netball, rugby and football.  We put our cutting and slicing skills to the test when we created a healthy dish of hummus with carrot and cucumber sticks!  We created impressive leaflets showing what we'd learned about the importance of doing exercise and the benefits it has to our heart and well-being.   The famous artist Jackson Pollock inspired us to create colourful art using balls dipped in paint, which we rolled, dropped and bounced. 

In Science, we carried out many different science experiments to find out which balls bounce the highest, which surface is the best when bouncing a ball and discovering which balls float.  Making balloon-powered cars was lots of fun but very tricky.  We became fantastic storytellers when we learned the story of The Frog Prince using story maps and actions to help us.