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Phase 2 School

The new primary school being built as part of the new Crawley district neighbourhood is called Forge Wood. The neighbourhood's name was selected because an existing woodland area within the boundaries of the development, off Steers Lane which is currently known as Forge Wood. The area was a centre of iron working during the Roman times. The construction period for the neighbourhood as a whole will take up to 12 years over four phases, with the first homes due to become available at end of next year. The affordable housing will be built across the whole development period. During the first phase around 290 homes will be built (40% affordable) as well as a local centre, primary school, retail/shops, central parkland, a community building and a health centre. Further details about the Forge Wood development can be found here.

Persimmon are responsible for building the new Forge Wood neighbourhood including Forge Wood Primary School. The building will be modular in design and has been developed by Stride Treglown architects. You can read more about the design here. The classrooms have generous windows and doors that lead directly from the classrooms to external play and learning spaces. Internal windows bring light into the rear of classrooms from the top lit corridor space and provide for vision into adjacent classrooms, allowing the learning process to be seen from one room to another. The design provides efficient natural ventilation throughout the school.

The internal environment has high levels of natural light and views outs are enhanced in circulation areas by tall windows at the end of the main corridors, providing strong visual connections with the world beyond the classroom.

Site Plan

Forge Wood Site Plan.jpg

Artists Impression of the new Forge Wood Primary School

Artists Impression

Site Layout

Site layout and external views

Ground Floor Plan

Forge Wood Ground Floor Plan

Front Perspective

Front Elevation colour

Rear Perspective

Rear Perspective

Side 3-D View

Side Perspective

Ariel View

Roof Plan