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Special Educational needs and inclusion

At Forge Wood Primary we aim to be an inclusive school where all children can reach their potential in a caring and supportive environment. We hope that the following documents will provide you with an outline of the additional support available at Forge Wood Primary. If you would like further information or have any questions with regards to SEN provision please contact Mrs K Knab (SENCo and Inclusion Leader) or the school office.

Local authorities are required to publish a ‘local offer’ which is intended to provide information about provision available to children with special educational needs in the local area.  

Please read the documents below to find out about how we support children with Special Educational Needs at Forge Wood Primary School.

Click here to find out more about West Sussex's SEND local offer

Meet the Team

Knab kathryn Cass josie Vh  
Mrs K Knab Mrs J Cass Mrs V Huck  Mrs T Khanum
SENco Inclusion Team Leader  SEN Support  SEN Support 
Sarita kitson p Emma craigen p Ayesha Ali Chloe porter
Mrs S Kitson Mrs E L Craigen  Miss A Ali Miss C porter
SEN Support SEN Support  SEN Support  SEN Support 
Amy pistorius p Daniella bancal p Nt Jy
Miss A Pistorius Mrs D Bancal Mrs N Tavener Mrs J Yorke
SEN Support SEN Support SEN Support  SEN Support



Page Downloads Date  
Pupil Premium Strategy 2021 - 2022. 15th Dec 2021 Download
Inclusion Photos 25th Jun 2021 Download
SEN Policy March 2021 26th Apr 2021 Download
SEN Policy Addendum 2020 26th Apr 2021 Download
Guide to SEN Support 27th Apr 2021 Download
Provision Map for Whole School 27th Apr 2021 Download
SEN Information Report 30th Apr 2021 Download
Our School Offer 14 Frequently Asked Que... 30th Apr 2021 Download