GLF Schools

GLF Schools

Posted on: 12/02/2021

Teaching School Hub Announcement

We are excited to announce that GLF Schools has been named as the Teaching School Hub for West Sussex. We are very much looking forward to working with other education training providers, schools, teachers and other stakeholders, to provide high-quality professional development to teachers at every stage of their careers.

We are keen to develop a collaborative network that shares excellent practice supporting schools and trusts as the continue to invest in and develop their workforce. By creating and retaining the very best teachers and associate staff, the network can work together to ensure long term positive outcomes for children.

Teaching school hubs will be school-led centres of excellence for teacher and leadership training and development. In announcing the new status, the Department for Education has said, that hubs will “provide high-quality professional development to teachers and leaders at all stages of their career and play a key role in helping to build up trainee teachers as they enter the workforce. This will further level up the quality of teaching, allowing every child to receive a world-class start in life no matter where they are born.”

"We're delighted to have been awarded Teaching School Hub status and we look forward to working alongside our colleagues in West Sussex's schools and local authority."

- Jon Chaloner, GLF's Chief Executive